David Gerber / Associate Prof. of Practice University of Southern California

team member

Bio: Dr. Gerber holds a joint appointment at USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering and the USC School of Architecture as an Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Practice and of Architecture. Dr. Gerber is also the program Director for the Civil Engineering Building Science undergraduate program and the program Director for the Masters in Advanced Design and Construction Technology Program. He teaches in both the Viterbi School of Engineering and the School of Architecture.
Dr. Gerber's professional experience includes working in architectural, engineering and technology practices in the United States, Europe, India and Asia for Zaha Hadid Architects in London; for Gehry Technologies in Los Angeles; for Moshe Safdie Architects in Massachusetts; The Steinberg Group Architects in California; and for Arup as the Global Research Manager. Dr. Gerber’s research has been industry, fellowship, and NSF funded and is focussed on the development of innovative systems, tools, methods for design of the built environment. He currently advises, and co advises PhD students from Architecture and Engineering on topics that integrate computer science, robotics, engineering, with architecture.
David Gerber received his undergraduate architectural education at the University of California Berkeley (Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, 1996). He completed his first professional degree at the Design Research Laboratory of the Architectural Association in London (Master of Architecture, 2000), his post professional research degree (Master of Design Studies, 2003) and his Doctoral studies (Doctor of Design, June 2007) at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Expertise: Parametric Design, Multi Objective Optimization, Multi Agent Systems, Leadership

Contact: dgerber@usc.edu

Alicia Nahmad Vazquez / University of Calgary SAPL & R-Ex

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Bio: Alicia Nahmad Vazquez is the founder of Architecture Extrapolated (R-Ex) and works as assistant professor of robotics and AI in architecture at the University of Calgary. She is also co-director of the Laboratory for Integrative Design. For the last 5 years, Alicia worked as studio master co-leading the Nahmad-Bhooshan studio at the Architectural Association DRL master’s program.
As a research-based practising architect, Alicia explores materials and digital design and fabrication technologies along with the digitization of building trades and the wisdom of traditional building cultures. Her projects include the construction of award-winning ‘Knit-Candela’ and diverse collaborations with practice and academic institutions on the development and on-site construction of shell structures.
She holds a PhD in human-robot collaborative (HRC) design from Cardiff University and a MArch from the AADRL. Alicia previously worked developing design tools for practices like Populous and Zaha Hadid architects. Alicia has also been an Artist-In-Residence at Autodesk Pier 9, and has taught and lectured extensively in Latin America and Europe. Her research has been widely published internationally in journals and conference proceedings

Expertise: Compuitational Design, Design Research, Human Robot Collaborative Deisgn

Contact: anahmad@r-ex.ai

Biayna Bogosian / Florida International University

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Bio: Biayna Bogosian’s academic and professional background extends in the fields of architecture, environmental design, computational design, data science, spatial science, immersive media design. This has allowed her to move across and connect disciplines and different scales of design. It has also allowed her to understand innovation in architecture within a broader environmental context and explore data-driven and citizen-centric approaches to improve the built environment and our lives.
Biayna is currently a doctoral candidate in the Interdisciplinary Media Arts and Practice (iMAP) program at the University of Southern California (USC) and expects to graduate in Fall 2020. She holds a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University GSAPP (2010) and a Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Design from Woodbury University SoA (2008). Her Ph.D. research focuses on the development of interactive and immersive information visualization media for environmental citizen-science initiatives. Biayna’s dissertation, entitled "Urban Environmental Interfaces: The Role of Data-driven Immersive Media in Participatory Urban Environmental Literacy and Policy," focuses on the socio-spatial and political dynamics of environmental pollutant monitoring and representation using readily available sensors and immersive representation methods. This on-going research has been deployed in the cities of Los Angeles, New York, Princeton, Seoul, Shanghai, and Yerevan in various capacities.
Complementary to Biayna’s academic studies have been my teaching experience and architectural design practice called Somewhere Something. Since 2011, She has had the pleasure of teaching at multiple high-ranking architecture schools such as Columbia University GSAPP, Cornell University AAP, University of Southern California SoA, Tongji University CAUP, and Woodbury University SoA amongst others. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Architectural Technology at Florida International University in Miami, where she continues her research on urban environmental data acquisition and representation .

Expertise: Architecture, Environmental design, computational design, data science, spatial science, immersive media design

Contact: bbogosia@fiu.edu

Constantinos Miltiadis / Aalto University

team member

Bio: Constantinos Miltiadis is a transdisciplinary architect, whose research and practice focus on virtual spatiotemporal environments as a means of expanding the scope of architectural practices and aesthetics. Constantinos has studied architecture at NTU-Athens, at the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design of ETH Zurich, and pursued studies in computer music at the Institute of Electronic Music of Kunst Uni Graz. Between 20015 and 2019 he was assistant professor at the Institute of Architecture and Media of TU Graz, where he founded and taught the Virtual Spaces Master Studio. He was founder and curator of the “IAM Open Lecture Series,” focused on the dissemination of research in computational design thinking, as well as co-founder of the experimental electronic music event series ◯. His work has been presented in exhibitions, seminars, academic conferences as well as by international press, and received awards in international competitions. He has taught creative programming and experimental computation in academic contexts, as well as in conferences and festivals. Currently, Constantinos is a doctoral fellow at the Departments of Design and of Architecture at Aalto University in Helsinki, with a dissertation focused on experience in inconstructible spaces in VR.

His work can be found at studioany.com

Expertise: History and Theory of Design, Computational Design, Videogame and VR development, Spatial Audio

Contact: constantinos.miltiades@aalto.fi

Evangelos Pantazis / IBI Group & Topotheque

team member

Bio: Evangelos holds a Ph.D. from the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California where he has also worked as a teaching and research assistant for the dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His work focuses on the use Multi Agent Design Systems and the integration of generative design techniques with numerical analysis and digital fabrication techniques. He holds a Masters of Advanced studies in the field of Computer Aided Architectural Design from the ETH in Zurich (2012). He got his Diploma in Architecture from the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki (2010) and is a registered architect in Greece.
Professionally, Evangelos has gained experience in several international offices, including Graft Architects in Berlin, Studio Pei Zhu in Beijing and Buro Happold Engineering in Los Angeles. He has co-founded Topotheque design office, a studio that engages computational design with various tangent disciplines, including architecture, furniture and product design. His research has been presented in multiple Design-Computing Conferences and his professional work has been exhibited at venues such as the Venice Biennale of Architecture, the Modern Art Museum of Lausanne (ELAC) and the Benaki Museum in Athens. He is currently working as a Computational Design Lead for IBI group where he is tasked with developing generative design strategies in conjunction with daylighting, energy modelling and performance driven design workflows across scales.

Evangelos' work can be found at evangelospantazis.xyz

Expertise: Computational Design, Multi Agent Systems, Form Finding, Environmental Design, Digital Fabrication, Robotics

Contact: vague@topotheque.com

Thanasis Farangas

team member

Bio: Athanasios Farangas is a licensed architect-engineer and researcher. He has graduated from the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens (2011) and has completed with distinction his postgraduate studies (MSc) at the studio "Excessive" of the Urban Strategies program at the Universität für angewandte Kunst in Vienna (2013). He holds with honors the Master of Science (MSc) of the Interdisciplinary Master Program "Design-Space-Culture" (2016) of the School of Architecture N.T.U. of Athens. Since June 2016, he has been a Ph.D. candidate in Sector-III, supervised by Professor Konstantinos Moraitis, with his thesis focusing on the process of description in architecture, in the spectrum of digital design programs and the concepts of ontology, geometry, and computational representation. His work has been exhibited in Athens, London, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Vienna, and Seoul. Since 2012, he has been teaching and coordinating various computational design seminars, and since 2014 he has been a teaching assistant in the School of Architecture of N.T.U.A. He is a member of FabLab Athens, and he has worked in offices in Vienna, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Athens, with most recently Coop Himmelb(l)au.

Expertise: Computational Design, Epistemology of Architecture, Software Studies, History and Theory of Design

Contact: thfarangas@gmail.com